The Anti-White Cultural Marxist Dictatorship in Sweden (short video)

“Sweden is sliding to a third world nation with massive muslim immigration pushed by the joo. By the way the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeld you see in the beginning has joo roots.”

“One must question why it is that White countries are expected to shoulder the entire ‘refugee’ burden, when Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and other Middle Eastern countries have refused to accept their Arab brothers into their lands…While jews say it is racist for the US to build a fence on the southern border, Israel takes US taxpayer money and builds one of their own…Again, this is just another case of jews telling us to do what they say, not what they do. ‘Racism’ is fine, as long as it’s coming from the ‘chosen’ ones. Sadly, most of the good goyim in America think jews are our greatest ally and can do no wrong.”

Jews Force the West to Accept ‘Refugees’, But Refuse to Take Any in Israel

“If any women can still support ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ after reading this, they should really think about how this will affect their children’s futures, safety, and happiness.”

White liberal won’t take wife and baby out of ghetto after sexual assaults, says she’s a “racist”

“Stefanie von Berg: ‘I hold that in 20 to 30 years there will no longer be [German] majorities in our country…And I want to make it very clear, especially towards those right wingers: this is a good thing!’ ”

Politician: “I accuse” Green party of “genocide of the German people”

Negro Detergent: Chinese Commercial Rejects Race-Mixing

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A Cucked Sweden is a Fucked Sweden

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