“An argument could be made that mixed-race families are maladaptive — both for the parents and the children — and undermine one’s genetic interests. As noted by various commenters, multiracial families often do not possess the harmony, cooperation and purposefulness of same-race families, because mixed-race families lack the focus of genetic investment and returns that same-race families possess.”

SocioBiological Musings: Biological Problems with Mixed-Race Families, Marriages Relationships & Adoptions


Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data

Former NOAA Scientist Confirms Colleagues Manipulated Climate Records

Australia PM adviser says climate change is ‘UN-led ruse to establish new world

“Apparently, the brains at #Science were on vacation. Or they were determined to play ball and assist the #Globalist plan to drastically reduce CO2-producing energy production in nations across the globe, thus escalating poverty, in order to ‘save us’ all from frying…Fraud all the way along the line. And a cover-up, to make an examination of the fraud-details impossible.”

Brand new elite whistleblower smashes global warming science

“As every #doctor knows only #females can have #children. To say otherwise is offensive and dangerous. This will offend women up and down the country, and is an example of the majority of women being insulted for a tiny minority of people…I think it is sad that society is being pushed in this direction. God has made us man and woman, and mothers relate to their children in different ways than fathers. This ruling will confuse people about the vital role of mothers in bringing up their children.”

Doctors banned from using word ‘mothers’

“As long as the focus of obesity prevention and treatment is only on food, nothing will change. There are a gazillion weight loss diets available. Some make some sense, others are completely absurd. And when you try enough of these diets you are likely to lose weight, for a while. But in most cases the weight comes back after a few years, even if you stick with your diet or exercise plan. The reason is that in most cases overweight is not just caused by diet. Environmental pollution is a big reason, as are antibiotics as I described above. Many pharmaceuticals cause weight gain, as does the fluoride in our water supply.”

Teenagers and lap band surgery

“Pay no attention to those thousands of silly anecdotal accounts of regression into autism after vaccines. Pay no attention to the huge increase in autism over the past 30+ years, which coincidentally happened at the very same time as a huge increase in the number of vaccines given to infants and children. And pay no attention to the growing body of science linking autism with immune system issues, and linking the immune and nervous systems. Seriously. Pay no attention to that. Everyone knows that ALL science disproves any vaccine-autism link. Because that’s what mass media, mainstream medicine, and government agencies keep telling us…We are not science deniers. We want better science and medicine. And, clearly, existing science does point to a link between vaccines and autism.”

Autism and the Immune System