“An argument could be made that mixed-race families are maladaptive — both for the parents and the children — and undermine one’s genetic interests. As noted by various commenters, multiracial families often do not possess the harmony, cooperation and purposefulness of same-race families, because mixed-race families lack the focus of genetic investment and returns that same-race families possess.”

SocioBiological Musings: Biological Problems with Mixed-Race Families, Marriages Relationships & Adoptions

“Why does the media cover up that living with blacks is so dangerous? Why are blacks so enthusiastic about sadism against whites? Why do they hurt us for fun?…While the police and the media were in cahoots to deny racial motivation for the crime, the white public was not so easily fooled. The majority of the over 300 respondents to the Rowlett County Police Department’s post on the matter (describing the girl and her family as having ‘gone into hiding,’ rather than ‘evading arrest’), see the crime as clearly racially motivated. The comments sections attest to most white Americans having negative experiences with racially hostile blacks, and being outraged at the glaring double standard of brushing the story under the rug when whites are the victims. When the commentary isn’t carefully controlled by the (((media))), the truth about race and crime comes out…White Americans have been systemically brainwashed that the ‘underprivileged and underserved’ are a nobly oppressed group to whom they owe the fruits of their labor for the sins of their ancestors; that ‘black rage’ is righteous; that it is racist to observe personal safety precautions around young black men, despite their record of being responsible for the majority of homicides in this country despite accounting for only 13% of the population. Not only are blacks responsible almost exclusively for black homicides, they are responsible for the majority of interracial violence as well…Black killers can explicitly state that hatred of whites is their criminal motivation, and self-styled tolerance warriors will not bat a steely eye…The media that everyone despises is owned and operated not just by ‘leftists,’ as is commonly thought, but by an ethnoreligious group, the Jews, who regard whites as their political enemies, and who use their control of the media as a weapon against us. The Jews use blacks as their shock troops, stirring them to violence using their media monopoly. It may sound shocking, but I challenge you to take this information with an open mind. I’m a millennial woman who discovered all of this with disbelief at first, just like you. Do your own research. Start asking yourself the ethnicity of the writer the next time you see anti-white propaganda in the media.”

Black Violence Against Whites: A Recent History



The Anti-White Cultural Marxist Dictatorship in Sweden (short video)

“Sweden is sliding to a third world nation with massive muslim immigration pushed by the joo. By the way the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeld you see in the beginning has joo roots.”