“An argument could be made that mixed-race families are maladaptive — both for the parents and the children — and undermine one’s genetic interests. As noted by various commenters, multiracial families often do not possess the harmony, cooperation and purposefulness of same-race families, because mixed-race families lack the focus of genetic investment and returns that same-race families possess.”

SocioBiological Musings: Biological Problems with Mixed-Race Families, Marriages Relationships & Adoptions

“One of the lies currently being peddled about pedophile gang banger #AltonSterling is that he was a good #father…Let’s sum it up: A convicted #pedophile with previous charges ranging from #drugs to illegal #firearms. The #police were called because he was pointing a #gun at people in the parking lot.”

BREAKING: Alton Sterling Was Child Raping Dead Beat Dad Who Owed $25,000+ in Child Support, Not Good “Father of Five”