“With the growing number of migrants to the West from Islamic nations comes the same oppression, brutality, and misogyny the perpetuate in their home countries. In fact, assault, rape, and honor killings have increased disproportionately to the number of asylum seekers, providing evidence that it only takes a ‘tiny minority’ for such tyranny to rule the majority. In an attempt to scrub any trace of thousands of crimes committed by refugees, police in Austria have begun nixing the word ‘rape’ from police records. In accordance with orders from leftist officials, authorities have been caught distorting police reports and charges, leaving countless victims without justice. Still, they are searching for ways to whitewash other non-sexual offenses, which has resulted in substituting action for ‘advice’ that ironically adheres to Sharia law…As migrants strive to out-populate, convert, and establish their own religious legislation in our midst, erecting nations within nations, we see the fall of democracy happening before our very eyes, and all without lifting a weapon of war.”

Refugees Beat Girl For Being Blonde, Police Tell Her Why They Won’t Arrest Them

“If the German government can spend billions on new housing, payments, foodstamps, and German language classes, why can’t this money be used to help German woman have more children? The reasoning: There is no money for German children but there is suddenly enough for 350,000 completely new built houses, language courses, health care and welfare for people who would slit your throat and rape you at the next best occasion…The fact is, the majority of refugees are not even from Syria. They come from Iraq, Afghanistan, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Sub Saharan Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Albania. Basically, it’s a free for all and anyone who wanted to come could get in. The Media tried to spin it another way, but they were doing what they do best- lying to promote an agenda. But, actual refugees fleeing war in the Ukraine? Germany doesn’t want Ukrainian refugees, apparently.”

Refugees – Why is Germany Letting Them In?

“The response of issuing alarms—instead of the more obvious solution of simply expelling the nonwhite invasion force—is typical of the liberal race-denying response to obvious facts.”

Austrian Police Issue “Rape Whistles”