“Certainly the billionaire New York real estate mogul will be marginally better for Whites in the short term than Hillary Clinton would have been. But in the longer term, however, it appears as though he will do nothing other than strengthen the stranglehold on the US enjoyed by the Jews and their allies. Trump may slow down the slide to White extinction, but he will not reverse it…It is hard to believe that anyone with any knowledge of Jewish behavior and strategy really thinks that the Jews are so naïve and trusting that they would let themselves be ‘used’ by someone whom they consider to be a loudmouth goy from New York – no matter how rich he is. Or perhaps each side thinks that it is using the other. If that is true, Trump is in for a rude awakening, for the Jews are past masters at behind-the-scenes infighting and maneuvering. In any event, placing the economy of the United States in Jewish hands is not the path to White liberation, racial resurrection or national salvation.”

Donald Trump and the Jews: Who Is Using Whom?