Dr Virtuals Healing Frequencies

See each video description for more info and instructions.
From YouTube about section: “Jim Blue Star (DrVirtual7) Life Coach Radio And Television Talk Show Host Creator Of Quality Self Help Subliminal Audio Recordings Via Mind Movies In The Science Of The Mind And Infinite Being Potentiality, Personal And Random Dynamics Researcher Investigator In Self Discovery Harmonic Equilibrium Reliant Living. I Personally Have Assisted Thousands Of People In All Four Corners Of Planet Earth In Bettering Lives In A Greater Understanding Of Awareness Of Self (Man Know Thyself) In Relation To Multi Dimensional Consciousness Pre-Existing Unified Field And The What Is. My Channel And The Tools I Offer To Humanity Is In Service To Others In A Non Judge Mental And Non Condemnation And Based On Years Of Scientific Research And Education Beyond The Placebo Effect In Real Time Linear And Non Linear Results. The Only Person In Life That Can Ever Hold You Back Is Yourself. So Get Out Of Your Own Way And Start Living The Life You Always Dreamed Of”


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