“Pharmaceutical giants are content to keep people believing and spreading the historically inaccurate idea that vaccines were responsible for saving lives, and not – better nutrition, the sewer system, sanitary living conditions, better hygiene, hand washing, food safety prep, cleaner water, environmental regulations, a better understanding of how to treat diseases and support the body, etc. The CDC even states that clean water was one of the greatest public health achievements of the 20th century because of how it contributed to the decline in disease mortality. But be careful, if you say that, you may get attacked. It’s not politically correct in a world of vaccine zealots to mention that anything else but vaccines could have contributed to saving lives from ‘preventable diseases’. Then came learning about how these ‘preventable diseases’ are actually treatable with modern medicine or even with just – better nutrition. Measles is treated with vitamin A. The severity of whooping cough can be greatly reduced with high doses of vitamin C. These diseases were hardly considered dangerous and rather more like a rite of passage for kids in the 50s & early 60s, and now we know so much more about how to treat them. But the fear-mongering in the media and from medical professionals is intense. And ridiculous. And THEN came learning how these ‘preventable diseases’ are actually beneficial to the immune system to contract and are linked to having a reduced risk of cancer…I keep learning new things each day. Still. To this day. Because I READ STUDIES – Studies that never see the light of day because the media will never report on it. And it amazes me how utterly brainwashed we have been to believe we can inject ‘health’ – especially when these injections contain toxic levels of aluminum and mercury. It’s amazing that we think we know how to out-smart our biology, physiology, biochemistry, etc. That we think injecting pregnant women and babies with what reads like something out of a witches brew of ingredients – is NORMAL…It may seem like I’m saying vaccines are pointless. But actually, there is a reason for it all. Children who start life with bodies damaged and burdened with toxic substances become a source of long-term profit to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Why treat the underlying cause when you can prescribe a pill (or inject a vaccine) to mask symptoms while creating a new problem? Healthy people do not create profit for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.”

How I Became Anti-Vaccine.  – an evidence-based, heartfelt blog.


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