“Everything I’m going to talk about goes back to the grid or the lines around the Earth! You need to keep that in mind! These lines, or ley-lines actually run in tandem! There are ‘earth-lines’ which skirt the surface of the Earth, and then again are re-created at about 60 miles above the Earth – they are duplicates of the grid lines at the surface. (as above – so below). They are mirror images of each other! The layer or area of space about 60 miles high is known as the Ionosphere, but is also known by scientists to be the ‘collective human consciousness’, or ‘the collective mind’! This is the place where all of our minds connect as one! It is the grid which not only allows us to communicate telepathically and psychically, but also to know and remember who we are as a species. (Where does the Secret Technology HAARP focus it’s beam?) Have they not said they are using HAARP to heat up and to bend the Ionoshpere? Why are they doing THAT?…THIS body and blood they are consuming, are the body and blood of innocent young children who PRODUCE huge quantities of the needed dark psychic energy, which is then channeled directly into the EARTH GRID (as below) and the into 60 mile high grid (as above) – which helps our controllers in their ability to maintain the illusionary prison reality that we all find ourselves in. You could call this prison reality either ‘THE MATRIX’ or simply what it truly is: A MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM.”



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