“We were ‘told’ for SEVERAL YEARS…, in the run up to 2012 (by the Channeling Community) that a massive Ascension was coming…, and the EVERYONE…, including every criminal and dark human being who every committed a heinous crime was going to ‘Ascend’. We were ‘told’…, that it had all been just a ‘game’…, that these men and women had being playing ‘roles’…, and that the PROPER way to look at this now was to FORGIVE every sick, demented, tortourous thing the CABAL had ever done…, and to over look it all. We were ‘told’ if we did not do this…, we were being JUDGMENTAL! We were made to feel (by the channeling community) that WE were being the ‘bad people’ for having thought that there was actually a DIFFERENCE between good and evil!”



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