“IN PERCENTAGE TERMS THERE ARE CURRENTLY OVER 20 TIMES AS MANY JEWS IN KEY TOP FINANCIAL CORPORATE AND REGULATORY TERMS THAN WOULD EVEN BE PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE FOR WHITES…This massive overrepresentation is due to something other than merit and skill. Something less noble, something uglier, like blatant nepotism and gaming of the hiring and promotion system. But to entertain this notion would surely be racist and Antisemitic…right? I mean we are only talking 3,250% overrepresentation. Check your white privilege. What’s a few orders of magnitude between friends? If this was only finance it would be mind-boggling enough, but in this thread we will take a similar statistical journey through media, academia, global policy bodies, even the White House and Pentagon, not to mention the tech world, sports, and more. Every area of life, really…Facts. Truth. Not tinfoil blog ravings: Reality. And reality has never been this surreal.”



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