“No factual basis for this protest exists, merely an emotional one fueled by a society riddled with discontent and divisiveness…The pipeline, especially where it passes 90 feet below the Missouri River, never comes into contact with people or water and is virtually devoid of emissions…Would you prefer that perfectly safe and environmentally sound pipeline under the river or would you prefer empty grocery store shelves?…The protesters do NOT appear to care in the least about the environment, clean water, or the sanctity of life. They are NOT protecting the water that sustains my life, they are polluting it…Five thousand righteous environmental activists enduring hardship, persecution, and abuse by law enforcement while protecting our precious environment and life-sustaining water from the evil, greedy, destructive oil companies. Well, isn’t that lovely and selfless? Only other, equally evil and greedy people use petroleum products and have need of that oil to be transported through the pipeline, right? Hmmm. Contrary to popular belief, this not still the Wild West of the 1800s. During the news reports, I do not remember seeing any environmentally conscious folks sleeping in teepees and under blankets made of painstakingly hand-tanned and cured hides of wild, undomesticated bison and bear who freely roam the earth. I do, however, recall seeing what looked like several thousand modern tents I can only assume were filled with sleeping bags and people wearing parkas, hats, and gloves, all made of a man-made, synthetic material derived from…dare I guess, petroleum? Cases upon cases of that life-sustaining water…in bottles and packaging made of petroleum. Packaged food to sustain the masses…produced in plants powered by and packaging made of petroleum. Everybody frantically sharing texts and videos of their plight, suffering the abuse of the Corps and the police…on cell phones made of and powered by petroleum. Generators providing heat and electricity…made of and powered by petroleum…These are environmental activists here to protect our environment and they are flouting and disregarding laws protecting our environment.”



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