#NoDAPL? What are you not being told?

EarthJustice, who legally represents the tribe, is funded by George Soros. That’s evidence that No DAPL was one of many fake protests.


“No factual basis for this protest exists, merely an emotional one fueled by a society riddled with discontent and divisiveness…The pipeline, especially where it passes 90 feet below the Missouri River, never comes into contact with people or water and is virtually devoid of emissions…Would you prefer that perfectly safe and environmentally sound pipeline under the river or would you prefer empty grocery store shelves?…The protesters do NOT appear to care in the least about the environment, clean water, or the sanctity of life. They are NOT protecting the water that sustains my lifeCzM2m4tWEAAfpPh.jpg, they
are polluting it…Five thousand righteous environmental activists enduring hardship, persecution, and abuse by law enforcement while protecting our precious environment and life-sustaining water from the evil, greedy, destructive oil companies. Well, isn’t that lovely and selfless? Only other, equally evil and greedy people use petroleum products and have need of that oil to be transported through the pipeline, right? Hmmm. Contrary to popular belief, this not still the Wild West of the 1800s. During the news reports, I do not remember seeing any environmentally conscious folks sleeping in teepees and under blankets made of painstakingly hand-tanned and cured hides of wild, undomesticated bison and bear who freely roam the earth. I do, however, recall seeing what looked like several thousand modern tents I can only assume Cs1408QVMAAc2uS.jpgwere filled with sleeping bags and pe
ople wearing parkas, hats, and gloves, all made of a man-made, synthetic material derived from…dare I guess, petroleum? Cases upon cases of that life-sustaining water…in bottles and packaging made of petroleum. Packaged food to sustain the masses…produced in plants powered by and packaging made of petroleum. Everybody frantically sharing texts and videos of their plight, suffering the abuse of the Corps and the police…on cell phones made of and powered by petroleum. Generators providing heat and electricity…made of and powered by petroleum…These are environmental activists here to protect our environment and they are flouting and disregarding laws protecting our environment.”cz2mqmmucaa0an8


“It is very hard though for the water intake at the heart of the tribes claims to be threatened if it does not exist. Which is a fact – and the tribe full well knows it. The water intake at Fort Yates – the one the tribes says is the primary source of the water for the reservation – is to be shut down in the coming MONTHS…The place the thousands of protesters have been purchasing supplies, gasoline and diesel fuel from is owned by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s very own chairman, David Archambault II.”15181556_300519280348593_1976906375735610810_n

“Even though the pipeline never crosses the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, Energy Transfer Partners has attempted to be a good neighbor by offering water testing and monitoring, as well as significant community support to the tribe. But time and again the tribe rebuffed or ignored the company’s offers demanding, instead, a toll on the crude that passed through the pipeline, an ultimatum that showed the tribe’s true desire — easy money.”


“That’s right— Chairman Archambault is a proud owner of his very own gas station —the Cannon Ball Pit Stop. He’s managed to assemble thousands of protesters at a ‘spirit camp’ conveniently located just a few miles away from his small business, which is likely turning a nice profit these days”

“The court record reveals that the Standing Rock Sioux refused to meet with corps officials to discuss the route until after site work had begun.”Cxby5jDVIAAYfYX.jpg

“It isn’t about water. It isn’t about sacred objects, treaty obligations, or peaceful, prayerful protest. It is about oil. One side, the left, wants the oil left in the ground and groups like Earth Justice, Keep It In The Ground, and other environmental groups would have us stop producing petroleum. It isn’t any more complicated than that. The other side, the right, wants petroleum produced, transported, and consumed in a safe and affordable manner. Why? Because we know that oil, not water, is life in the 21st Century. In fact without petroleum and the products we produce and manufacture from it, we would not have clean water, food, or shelter. That is right, we clean our water with petroleum based products. We eat food produced with petroleum based products. And we live in homes heated with petroleum based products. Want a life without petroleum? Turn on an episode of Little House on the Prairie and see how you would manage in that type of environ15220079_10207281644033850_7638410020686884940_n.jpgment. What is going on in ND right now with #NODAPL isn’t an American Indian movement. If it was it would be much larger and garner much more support. What it is, in fact, is an environmental movement attempting to bully the rest of us into accepting the premise that we must not produce oil. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“Officers on the scene of the explosion say two males and a female were using a barricade to hide their activity under and around the remaining burned vehicle stationed on the north side of the Backwater Bridge. After repeated orders from law enforcement to come out from behind the barricade and attempts to force them out with less than lethal direct impact of bean bags and sponge rounds, officers noticed subjects approach the area with one of them rolling multiple silver cylinder objects toward the subjects positioned under or around the burned vehicle. It was at this time an explosion occurred and several protestors ran to the area, pulled a female from under the burned vehicle, and fled the scene. Upon investigation, law enforcement investigators found one pound propane CscX850VIAAo4V1.jpgcylinders including one that appeared to be intentionally punctured and other debris in the area, including large rocks and glass jars consistent with the design of Molotov cocktails. Other evidence was taken and is currently being investigated.”Cy0I6oKUUAAFpsc.jpg

” ‘Even though the pipeline never crosses the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, Energy Transfer Partners has attempted to be a good neighbor by offering water testing and monitoring, as well as significant community support to the tribe,’ the source said. ‘But time and again the tribe rebuffed or ignored the company’s offers demanding, instead, a toll on the crude that passed through the pipeline, an ultimatum that showed the tribe’s true desire — easy money.’ The company wouldn’t agree to the condition, but offered to pay for infrastructure improvements on the reservation prioritized by the tribe. The company even purchased a 7,600-acre property called the Cannonball Ranch that is adjacent to the reservation, offering it to the tribe as part of a settlement proposal, say sources privy to the talks.”

“The criminal recklessness here is amazing, and makes the mantra from protest organizers about their playfulness, their peacefulness, all the more absurd.”

“If He HCzpjcWnUoAA2ryL.jpgad Any Balls” He’d Tell #NoDAPL Protesters “To Go Home” Standing Rock Tribal Leader Says of Archambault

#NoDAPL Protesters Getting Paid – Is This Proof?

CxRpwezVQAAqjXb.jpgOil and Gas Drilling Not a New Phenomenon at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation

Is The #Nodapl Pipeline Protest In North Dakota A Hoax? You Decide…

Standing Rock Tribal Leaders Accused of Hoarding Gifts and Monetary Donations as Camp Empties


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