“A vegan diet was never used at all, till Kellogg developed it in the 1920’s, all tribal people of incredible health were low animal protein eaters,and interacted with Nature with astonishing compassion.
Its time to stop using emotion as a marketing tool for lack of naturalism, and blaming everyone for the appalling factorising of Plants and animals
Cells are 60% animal protein, your brain is 80%..there is no way generationally vegan diets work, simply by the fact ,that these people have been living this way, for 20,000 years.
If veganism, worked, these incredibly intuitive people would of adopted it..
No tribal person on the entire planet ..did..ever.
Look at the way these people interact with their animals they use, for food, there is a common bond of high consciousness, totally lacking in the western ”spiritual” movement..
these people know..things..deep things..
To say they are primitive, stupid, ”flesh eaters” is completely ignorant of these photos,and their enormous respect they have for generational, observations..of diet, and their animals, they respect.
I really wish emotion would be left of the diet discussion, and reality stepped in, children deserve to listen to people that know and understand the history of food, and generational health, not image based fear tactics, revolving around, unsure people, uncertain how they started life, or their ..cells..
look at these photos, and ask yourself, who knows more about food, and health, you..or these, incredible..examples..and thats all there is..observations…


Completely avoiding Plants as sentient conscious beings, The Secret Life of Plants, made in 1972 showing clearly that all species are ..
Conscious ..( and dozens of docos)
No tribal, traditional culture was vegan, it is a modern concept, based around lack of education, and basic misunderstanding of how Nature works..
Veganism..fails to take into account that all, that’s all, so called herbivores, lick the blood off their newborns, then eat their afterbirth..
And don’t clean the insects..etc off their food..( I have seen a cow eating baby chickens, posted..before..just google, cow eating baby
Veganism also fails in its premise, because all traditional cultures ate temperature based diets..
That is..the people of freezing temps worked out that plant based diets don’t produce heat…
So therefore traditional cultures worked out through observation, not belief, and supermarket eating, ..foraging for food..and what produces heat, and what doesn’t?
A highly advanced, not primitive way of ..eating..
When you have super healthy babies with no disease, and grow into super healthy adults,
That they had to eat food based around..their climate..
Not supermarkets..
We eat out of season, eat fruit when it’s cold , and tropical fruits in a cold climate, eat fruit out of season, and create hybrids high in sugars..
The digestive systems of humans is TOTALLY all animals and plants …,it only temperature? is TEMPERATURE based..
Alaska. All cold climate people have to eat saturated fat in order to keep ..warm, vegetable fibre passes through the digestion to easily, creating a cooling effect, that’s why we eat salads when it’s hot, temperature based, ..
When you eat meat when it’s hot, you cook, sweat a lot!15194521_10211600966046681_4635605012681128094_o
This simple observation seems to be lacking in all our dietary beliefs..
If it’s hot, I feel really good when I eat light, when I eat proteins heavy starc
hes, I don’t feel good, I feel..’heavy’ yep, it’s a cold temp food..!
Then the is the other..observation ..
I go to the snow, and when I have a salad, I feel cold, I just can’t get warm, when I eat ..Vegies..!
Yep, it’s because there is no fats in the food, the saturated fat, saturated mean
ing reeeallly, dense a meal…when it’s cold, creates a massive slowing of digestion, because the heavy cellular makeup of animal protein, slows digestion, and..creates..
HEAT,..polar bears, seals, etc, all eat animal protein, walruses , every animal that lives on the Ice, eats animal protein, just like ALL cold climate cultures. American, Indians, even tribes in hot climates still ate animal foods, only lighter density ones..! Also late arvo and early morning..
It has to be, otherwise the Liver could not regulate the body according to the food intake, based around..the temp..
The Liver cannot deal with lot of fruit sugars, in a cold climate, or even in a hot climate
High fruit diets cause Live cirrhosis, because the Liver can’t process, that much sugary fruit..(modern fruit is hybrid ) with massive modification,.,hybrid .high sugar load..ancient fruit was far bitter, crab apples etc..that’s why a lot of raw fruit, raw food they simply cant handle or even mention fermented foods!
Because their palate has accustomed , to sweet foods for energy, and can’t handle the massive dose of probiotics, enzymes..etc.that fermented foods
So, plant based based sense { unless ill and cleansing! Not long term! children, pregnancy, nursing mothers}generationally, because traditional cultures, and the entire wild world hasn’t got access to supermarkets
or selected foods, and heating..I mention this in more detail in my book Simple Health..
It is high time we showed enormous respect to traditional cultures of the entire world, and incorporate, their ideals, of Natural worship of ALL things nature..Plants, insects…animals, etc as equal!
Paleo, eats to much protein, doesn’t incorporate Fasting…the best diet, just less food, fermented,
..Veganism eats no protein, lacking vital nutrients for optimum health, doesn’t incorporate Fasting…
Processed food,, easily, ramped up, to better health to a temperature based diet,
based on the Nutrients, that have ALWAYS been eaten..
Because of these terrible fads, and lack of awareness, in our foods..we suffer!
A simple diet is healthy and Simple seasonal foods, with care to evolve to traditional foods avoiding and keeping in with foods of that region
Getting Temperature based! as per all traditional tribes, were free of disease, and Real, with almost no tooth decay? , how many do know with no decay, or ..all their teeth?
And when people do stunts like this, not showing the massive loss of trees, vegetation, insects, crystals, and of course the incredible Organic farmers, that love their animals..
And traditional tribes, are, were, and never will be ..stupid, they are and always will be
The perfect humans as observed in dozens of studies..
Stories made up by history altering mercenaries , etc, don’t make truth..
They had perfect, disease free,health..
That wasn’t ‘primitive’ or lucky..
It was advanced..highly..
All there is left, is..shocking..
And weirdly’s really for money..not rights..
Because, Veganism. Like yoga, shamanism, and a lot of other spiritual..programs, is all about money, if it isn’t..balanced..
Time to fix this system, and stop making up stories, that divert from the true..problem, the will be good, when we fix..this..Simple..if we all work for that!
Time to stop the shocking, and start..the change!” – Pete MelovImage2.jpg


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