“As long as people are separated enough, yet violent, yet too cowardly to look into the true matters and stop blaming other nations or other people ‘elite’ then they will feed the war machine and the dark faction’s energy siphoning devices and this will produce more of the same until there is no ‘Freedom’ left and the species that remains is essentially malformed through the aforementioned technology and spiritual parasitism/hijacking…Every facet of existence, every food source, every intellectual source, every institution, every control system is geared towards this domination and clever mind control tactics are used at every level to propel the hatred of one human by another and the worshiping of a false-authority system that serves no one but an inorganic plasma consciousness AI supergod.”

THIS MAY BE HARD TO WATCH, Full Disclosure Now, Apocalypse Ascension Unveiling Events (article and video)


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