“No matter how dangerous they are, no matter how many young and old people get injured or killed by them, no matter how ineffective they are, more and more vaccines are developed and pushed on the people…It’s a really strange idea that toxic pharmaceuticals could prevent any kind of disease. Only what nature provides can help to keep us healthy, or get us back to health…There are antibodies against viruses and bacteria, against proteins, against food, against blood, against pretty much anything. Which shows that the word is completely meaningless and is just a way to hide the fact that researchers have no idea what they are doing…But medical researchers don’t like to look for causes. They just look for ways to treat symptoms…If governments would be really interested in preventing dementia they would clean up society from the truckloads of chemicals. They would take all the drugs off the market that are commonly used by older people and are known to cause cognitive problems. They would remove fluoride from the drinking water and ban aluminium containing vaccines. And then dementia would very slowly disappear. But as long as there is medical $cience this won’t happen. Trillions of dollars a year are too attractive.”

Dementia vaccine coming soon


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