“Mrs. Propaganda appeared in the early 1900’s, then the swinging ‘sexties’ happened, and now we have naked models with writing on their chests, paid puppets acting for Soros, just like the suffragettes models were paid puppets acting for Bernays, back in 1920…The first wave feminists hoped to give all western women a future of sex without love, life without children, children without a family and men without women. This is one of the reasons life is difficult for all, because solid family bases are becoming rarer, and without a good foundation a person is normally lost, as psychology would explain. I do not believe women wanted it this way, and that they all welcomed this change; this change was made for them. Like everyone else they got swept along with a world they did not create, but was created for them. Many women at the time of these drastic changes worried that families would be torn apart…we need to remember that the reason the Jewish elite are controlling us is because they are holistically heinous…The Jewish elite create movements and infiltrate the existing ones, engineering outcomes to suit their agenda, and they do this consistently in every arena…This was no ordinary woman, fighting for a vote, or to work in a desired field, or to go where she pleased, this women had money and a lot of it. Ordinary women would be glad to go home, have a home, or not have to work alongside their undernourished, worn-out children. The average working class woman had a voice alongside her man, was valued by her family, and she did not need to beg for their attention or minuscule change. I would not like to romance this hard living woman, but I shall not render her to be forgotten alongside rich elites and greedy Jews, as they alter her history and make it theirs. I have heard many personal tales from friends and family of strong family leaders from that time, who all other family members respected and feared to go against, and the notion that all women were without power is untrue – they were the ‘head of the house’ in poorer families, and mom was literally ‘the word’…The Jewish first wave founded and ran the birth control centers that cause such controversy even today. Of course I am pro-life myself; I am a National Socialist who believes that we should grow our nations and nurture our families, not end them, and even if I wasn’t, I could not turn a blind eye to the barbaric way in which abortion is carried out. Do I hate women who have had abortions? I feel many women are led into a path of destruction from many angles; those I have known who have aborted children have often never had more because of guilt to the one they did not have, others have found it a haunting part of themselves they cannot forgive. I still, however, could never make this decision and struggle to grasp that others do, but understand the world we live in is engineered to bring about atrocities.”

Jewish First Wave Feminists


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