“Records show that Sterling was a registered sex offender with a lengthy criminal record that included convictions for weapons offenses, confrontations with police officers, property crimes, and domestic violence and other batteries. You can read court records pertaining to Sterling at the top of this post…An officer named A. Miller wrote that he was patrolling when he saw a gray Chrysler carrying Sterling traveling 65 in a 45 mile per hour speeding zone. He pursued and stopped Sterling, who did not have proof of insurance. An officer with the last name of Moses responded as backup, and the officers let Sterling retrieve his belongings in a duffel bag, the affidavit says. Sterling walked away and said he would ‘have the officers badge and jobs.’ He went to a bus stop and then walked back across the street, and laid on the pavement in a prone position, before saying again that he would have the officers’ badge and jobs and telling them to ‘go ahead and beat him down regardless of the outcome,’ said the court affidavit.”

Alton Sterling Arrest Record, Criminal History & Rap Sheet [DOCUMENTS]


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