Even a non-feminist like me can agree with this, and I’m glad to see that some feminists are taking a stand. “Do you think that the women of Iran or Afghanistan has always lived as they do today? They have not. Both countries have known secularism, and their women have known freedom…Now, what do you think might happen when 100,000s of men from societies where women are harassed as a matter of course, move to Western countries? Do you think they will leave these attitudes to women behind, or will they bring them to Europe and begin to harass European women?…In Sweden, rape has become so widespread that police now warn Swedish women to remain indoors. Do you really not see the significance of this?…I am asking you to cease the cowardice of making a virtuous statement and then going about your lives, this achieves nothing. If we are to preserve the freedoms won for us by our mothers and grandmothers, we must demand that men who pose a threat to those freedoms are not permitted to move here en masse. It’s a real solution, not a grand statement. We must also demand an end to sharia law, which is facilitating the slavery of women right under our noses in the UK. We must demand prosecutions for forced marriage and jail-time for the obscenity of FGM…Its time to stop your virtue-signalling and do something worthwhile.”

Source: An Open Letter to European Feminists


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