“…there was a great deal of expert testimony and evidence presented that demonstrated that the child would most likely be alive today were it not for serious failures on the part of the medical system…instead of the Alberta Health System looking at their own failures which contributed to the boy’s death, the Crown went after the Stephans. The already grieving parents were prosecuted for their son’s death, by a court which ignored a great deal of evidence which would have exonerated them…The parents have been singled out by the Canadian Health officials for not vaccinating their child. Much evidence was presented during the course of the trial that showed that lack of any vaccination was not the cause of Ezekiel’s death, but the Stephans believe that they are being made examples of in order to compel parents to vaccinate through judicial precedent. According to the Canadian Constitution, the government cannot mandate vaccines. Yet, by prosecuting and convicting parents who chose not to vaccinate, the Alberta court has created a ‘chilling effect.’ Parents cannot be forced to vaccinate, but if a child dies, the parents may now be found guilty of the crime of failing to provide the necessaries of life…The rumors and twisting of the facts in the media have endangered David’s life, Collet told Health Impact News. Her husband is in solitary confinement out of fear for his safety after the media has painted him as a monster instead of the kind, loving father that he is.”

Father Convicted in Non-Vaccinated Child Death in Solitary Confinement Due to Threats in Prison


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