“The government and industry, as well as independent, peer reviewed science confirm what countless parents and children have experienced: vaccines can and do injure children. Those injuries can lead to major health issues throughout a person’s life and can even kill infants, children and adults. All of this is well documented…The science of the gravitational constant and the speed of light is not settled, let alone the science of vaccine injury. In fact, the science of vaccine injury, considered en total, shows quite a bit of danger and cause for concern and caution and further investigation, at the very least. So why do people resist this conversation? Why do people refuse to read the government data or the published science? Why do they instead insist that nobody should discuss this issue? Why do they threaten and cajole, even cut off ties with those who are willing to look with clear eyes and search for deeper knowledge?…If that scares you, if observation, study and discussion frighten you, then you certainly have no right to claim the mantle of science. These are the cornerstones of science. If you argue that we should not discuss this issue because the authorities have spoken, then your argument is for authoritarianism.”

Science in the Authoritarian State


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