” ‘This is typical of what we’ve seen at the CDC. The CDC analyzes data and when they see an effect that they don’t like they reanalyze the data and the effect goes away’…’Dr. William Thompson may change his testimony under pressure but he can never take back the statements that we have recorded and the documents that he has provided.’…Prepare for a massive wave of MMR vaccine propaganda to be unleashed in May under the false banner of ‘science’…Watch for CNN to roll out its usual lineup of sellout doctors and pharma shills. Watch for a major ratcheting up of attacks against Dr. Wakefield and the VAXXED film. Just as importantly, watch out for social media to be taken over by social engineering robots who vilify and shame anyone that questions vaccine safety…Personally, I predict a massive medical uprising against vaccine mandates. I also predict that every propaganda effort by the CDC will ultimately backfire. The truth is already out of the bag. Too many people now know the truth for it to be silenced.”

The vaccine empire strikes back: Rumors swirl that Dr. Thompson has been bought off by the CDC and will submit ‘reanalyzed’ MMR research to destroy vaccine safety skeptics


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