“His story also has the claim, common among the ‘eye witnesses,’ that the crematories at Auschwitz belched fumes from the chimneys. Crematories do not operate that way, and such flames are not seen on any of the aerial photos of the camp. His claim to have seen piles of children being burned by the Germans at Auschwitz is lifted from the Talmud, with the Romans replaced by the Germans…The defenders of the hoax have quite lost their grip on historical reality, and on what it means for something to happen in real time and real space…Judaism…is a tribal religion of this world, in which contention with gentiles is a major ingredient…a group evolutionary (and) reproductive strategy that facilitates resource competition by Jews with the gentile host society.”

The Wilkomirski Affair: How a Holocaust Hoaxer was Rewarded for his Lies


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