“Transgenderism, like homosexuality and pedophilia, is now being mainstreamed by the American media and taught in American schools. The reason for this is that the media are owned by luciferian jews who truly worship lucifer and take great delight in turning the Creator’s design on its head. By undermining the magnificence of the complimentary nature of man and woman, they are trying to distort Mankind’s ability to have healthy relationships and connect with authentic human love. The promotion and ‘normalization’ of transsexualism is a direct assault on nature and the beauty of how we create life. Moreover, through pornography (which also happens to be owned and controlled by luciferian jews), they are encouraging Mankind to behave from base, carnal impulses, which distorts the way we interact with and view each other and wreaks havoc with the psyches of future children, most of whom are conceived as a side effect of carnality and gestated in wombs where they are not wanted…it is about a complete reversal of gender roles. Simply by looking at our genetic make-up and the behavior of most mammals, one can observe that males are engineered to hunt, provide and protect while females are made to ‘nest’, care and nurture, While modern living has made these traits less dominant, they are nevertheless part of our core being. And mass media is heavily focusing on promoting the exact opposite of this. It is about attacking the mind with messages that conflict with our natural inclinations.”



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