“Let’s start with stating that no disease is caused by lack of drugs, which automatically means that synthetic, man-made drugs cannot prevent any disease. The whole concept is pretty absurd…what actually is high blood pressure or high cholesterol? That is whatever the pharmaceutical industry dictates and the numbers have gone down and down over time, so that more drugs can be sold. That’s not science, that’s money…More people than ever take statins and more people than ever get heart attacks…Reality is that 150 years ago heart attacks simply didn’t happen and also strokes were very rare. Heart disease was so rare that in 1900 doctors didn’t even learn about it at medical school. Now heart disease is one of the main causes of death…The mainstream media won’t talk about the numerous studies that show that heart attacks are simply the result of vitamin C deficiency and that taking the vitamin quickly reverses any kind of plague formation. There is too much money to be lost. And in the end that’s all it is about.”

Drugs to prevent heart disease


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