“Hepatitis is said to be caused by a virus, but there you get the problems with virology again. There is no proof that the virus causes hepatitis. The only thing that can be proven is that in the blood of people with hepatitis usually tiny pieces of DNA can be found, which are assumed to be part of the virus, which is assumed to cause the disease. Not very impressive…Especially selenium is a very important nutrient, but doctors don’t know anything about it and most ordinary people have hardly even heard of it. But if you give hepatitis patients selenium supplements (and preferably also extra vitamin C) then at once the symptoms disappear. When the selenium supplementation is stopped the symptoms come back. Of course the official explanation is that the selenium stops the virus, but that doesn’t make remotely any sense. The obvious explanation is that hepatitis is in many cases simply a nutrient deficiency disease. And one thing is for sure: hepatitis is not caused by a lack of powerful pharmaceuticals.”

Drugs that (don’t) cure hepatitis C


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