“So how can the researchers see how cells fight the flu virus, when they can’t see the virus?…Huh? Cancer cells? Yep, cancer cells. These cells are already sick and then they are used for viral research. It’s not so hard to see the absurdity of this…No vaccine works, but the flu shot is so bad that many people start to see it. Which is the reason why the majority of the people in the western world won’t get it…The flu is a winter disease and it’s caused by lack of vitamin C, D, selenium and probably some other nutrients. Add to that a lack of sunshine and fresh air and the body will produce a cough, runny nose and fever. And that’s the reason why many people who have daily contact with flu patients won’t get sick and others who haven’t met a flu patient in weeks get the flu anyway. A virus simply has nothing to do with it.”

The lifelong flu vaccine


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