“To all meddlers who know best and are keeping us from exploring ‘dangerous information’ on our own: Fuck off…He has stated in writing that he and his colleagues committed scientific fraud and gave the dangerous vaccine a free pass…At my site, NoMoreFakeNews.com, you can find the interview Vaxxed’s producer, Del Bigtree, gave to ABC News. The whole interview. ABC aired five seconds of it. ABC thinks that’s all you should see. The rest is too dangerous. Why? Because it makes too much sense. Del refers to censorship, for example—and ABC is in the business of censorship. So airing the whole interview would represent a conflict of interest for ABC’s business…They want to own you because, underneath their arrogance and fake charm, they’re terrified of that silly little article called freedom. They’re terrified at not knowing which way you’ll go, what you’ll do, how you’ll think, so they paint frightening pictures and show them to you, hoping that’ll keep you in check.”

Vaxxed: the movie you can’t see, the truth you can’t know


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