“So she is still not cured, has been severely mutilated and ‘considers herself lucky’. That’s the result of decades of brainwashing that oncology is so great and saves lives…Maybe if she hadn’t done anything she would also still be alive. And she definitely would if she would have stayed away from oncologists and had chosen for natural treatments, which give at least 99% chance of a cure. That is a cure, not ‘survival’…Considering that oncology is a many billions of dollars a year industry, talking about savings for the health care system is a joke. The only thing that cancer screening programs have succeeded with is increasing the costs, the deaths and the misery. Oncology is one of the biggest frauds in history. More people than ever get cancer and more people than ever die after a cancer diagnosis (which doesn’t mean they die from the cancer, as many patients die from the treatment before they can die from the cancer). The unfortunate truth is that the cancer industry doesn’t want cures. They want money.”

Another cancer screening test


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