“Brazilian health authorities and the World Health Organization jumped the gun in asserting there was an epidemic, based on 4,100 cases they later cut down to 404. That was a press release, not science…has Zika been proved to be the cause of microcephaly? No. Not even close… Zika has been known about since 1947. It has never been considered a health threat. It has been linked to mild transient illness with few symptoms. So, in that regard, it’s an absurd candidate for causing microcephaly and brain damage…There is never one cause for the ongoing and largely unexplored crisis. There is a combination of factors that toxify human beings and reduce the capacity of their immune systems…This analysis is not friendly to the medical cartel, which obsessively focuses (to their advantage) on the one-disease one-cause scenario. Their (false) cause is inevitably a virus. Making that assessment leads to vaccine and drug development, profits, and totalitarian control of the arena of human suffering…Over the years, I’ve spoken to several of these doctors. When I detail the transparently absurd ‘proof’ that a virus is causing a particular condition, they blink. They blink a few times. There is a pause. Their proprietary mind-control engine stalls for a moment. Then they pick up as if nothing has happened. And for them, nothing has. High IQ and clueless, in the valley of robots.”

Zika: the essence of the hoax: analysis


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