“That an epidemic of rapes by Muslim migrants in Europe is now taking place simply cannot be doubted or denied…White Belgian females, terrified of being approached by sex-hungry Muslims, are arming themselves with pepper spray and mace and going around in groups for extra safety, and here their government is offering ‘flirtation lessons’ to these sexually supercharged migrant males with only one thing on their minds…To make matters worse, there are no strong men left to guard the gates. A thick pall of liberalism, pathological altruism, and feminized wimpishness hangs over the entire European continent like a black cloud, portending certain doom…Roughly 1,400 white teenage girls have been sexually abused, prostituted and gang raped over a 10-year period in this densely populated area full of Muslims. The local authorities have done virtually nothing about it…The evil end results of multiculturalism and mass immigration can be highlighted and summed up in two words: WHITE GENOCIDE.”

Rape Jihad: Dark Days for Europe


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