“Why do we need to be ‘respectful of diversity’ when it is geared towards our displacement?…They want us to apathetically believe that we have a ‘shared identity’ with the millions of racial and cultural aliens brought to our shores to displace us. They don’t want us to look at ourselves as a group separate from the rest with interests specific to us. They want us to deny our existence and become part of the ‘multicultural’ masses which eventually leads to our displacement as a group which is something they don’t want you to be aware of. The term ‘integration’ is a misleading deception, there is no ‘integration’ whatsoever, just forced assimilation backed up by specially constructed race laws that are designed to keep the indigenous population in shackles whilst their country and identity are being destroyed…Integration means acceptance of what has been done, integration is complicity in the Genocidal crimes of the government, the left and their international financier handlers…They want white Europeans to totally ignore, deny and betray their racial heritage and embrace their own racial annihilation by accommodating the agenda driven multiracial deception. This sort of narrative is not being forced on Africans in Africa, it is not being forced on Asians in Asia, it is not being forced on Jews, it is only being forced onto White Europeans and this fact alone should be enough for people to realise what really lies behind it.”

The Runnymede Trust, a Jewish Created Genocidal Fifth Column Inside Britain


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