“…many men at all levels of European society, including those in leadership positions, have become feminized to the point of impotence, as underscored by the EU’s inability to deal with the manifold problems that ‘refugees’ are causing on the continent…Men need to take responsibility to go back to the old male virtues, to defend the women, the children, and the culture…This post-modern project is dead – it doesn’t work. And if we continue to be, like, soft and we have this idea that there is no evil, everybody is nice, if they just get a car and a job, and they get well-integrated, everything is fine – it’s not going to work…And we need to look at reality; this is the reality. They [Muslims] don’t respect women; they look at women as weak. And when the politicians are trying to be inclusive and all-embracing, for them it’s just weakness, and we have to deal with that.”

Iben Thranholm: European Men Need to Return to Male Hero Virtues


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