“Why would anyone take one word seriously from someone who lacks the most basic medical knowledge? This man is just parroting things he has heard, but he didn’t hear it properly and parrots the wrong information. It’s really embarrasssing, though it seems like vaccine pushers are never embarrassed by anything they say, not matter how stupid…’we regard our newborn children as the most precious things we have.’ Really? The last time I checked a baby was worth ab0ut $1500 in vaccines. That’s really not that much. But of course if you count the huge medical costs that come after the vaccines the number goes up very quickly. Babies are sold by the medical establishment and many doctors know it, but can’t face the facts. Once the vaccine house of cards will collapse (and that will happen) many of these doctors and nurses won’t be able to fool themselves any longer. And then we can expect a wave of suicides. That’s my psychological prediction and it’s more scientific than all the pro-vax rubbish that is produced by these researchers.”

The secrets of no-vaxxers


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