Why I’m An Anti-Feminist



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5 thoughts on “Why I’m An Anti-Feminist

    1. I did not miss the point of modern feminism. Please pay attention to leftist cultural marxism social justice warrior culture and it’s nonsense. Feminism is not needed in western countries, it is needed in islamic ones. Yet feminists cry rape if men look at them the wrong way, while ignoring the plight of women in islamic countries.

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      1. Modern feminists care for both western countries and Islamic ones. I would have to be an idiot not to care about rape in Islamic countries. And while I care for Islamic people, I also care about the things I face. I am riducled, called nasty things, and not taken seriously when I say I want to be a lawyer. When I grow up, I will probably be paid less then a man, I have a pretty big chance of getting sexually assaulted or raped, and I’ve been shamed. I’ve been told what to wear to avoid getting raped, when people aren’t even teaching people not to rape, I am seen as weak, and I was called a slut and that I would make a good prostitute. And I was 12. I have been catcalled by disgusting older men, when I was 12. And no, I don’t live in a bad area. You don’t get the struggles I go through. I obviously know that the struggles in Islam is way worse than mine, but I care for both. And I will fight for both. The definition of feminism is so broad, I can choose what I want to fight for. My struggles aren’t nonsense, I look to destroy rape. So far, I only see you criticizing your fellow feminists. Anyways, I enjoyed seeing your side. I hope you got the point of mine too.


      2. You think I don’t get the struggles you go through, but I have experienced the things you are talking about, including catcalls at 12 (I’m a 35 year old woman, may I ask your age?). Btw unless you live in an islamic country, it is a feminist myth that you have such a high chance of getting raped. I’m not a feminist and I never will be. As someone who lives in the western world, I will not identify with disgusting narcissistic slut walk, “rape stare” activist types (not that I’m saying you are, because I don’t think you’re aware of what feminism really is) who have taken over the very concept of feminism here. The wage gap is a complete myth btw. They’re doing the math wrong. Women “make less” because generally they choose lower paying jobs. You are getting paid exactly the same amount as a man who does your job.

        Feminism and men’s issues in Western society

        There’s more information out there about these issues, I hope you consider the information I provided you, and continue to be open to learning about it :).


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