“Clock Boy Strikes Again”

12002626_1019312148099061_2933872826506133193_o (1)

“This video challenges that Ahmed Mohamed’s clock was homemade by showing a nearly identical package being prepared in about twenty seconds (screws and simple fasteners were excluded for brevity here)…The package ended up being reported as a suspicious device. Rightly, it was NOT reported as a bomb, but the ‘possible infrastructure for a bomb’. The boy claimed that he expected his teachers to be impressed that he made a clock, but since he didn’t make a clock, that’s an unfair expectation.The big hoax: A version of the boy’s story was spread, propelled by a claim of discrimination. The publicity reinvented the boy as a legendary inventor, and the ideal student by big tech names. The suspicious device in the story was recast as a ‘cool clock’ worthy of praise by the White House. Belief in the clock was a litmus test of sorts in a Presidential debate. Gifts were showered, the world tour began. It became a Cinderella story, but the carriage is just a pumpkin. The cool clock is just a dismantled clock. The boy hadn’t been shown to have made anything of interest. Discrimination wasn’t proven. ”

The video below goes into more detail.



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