“Mass Immigration in all its forms not just Islamic, is about the ruination of the racial and cultural identity of the indigenous European population…If you haven’t guessed already, I am talking about Jewish supremacists who wield this enormous and disproportionate power and who influence politicians with financial incentives to implement policies that benfit Jews as a group. It is pretty much common knowledge that Jewish money influences Western nations to support Israel, but what isn’t so well known is that the same money power influences governments to implement a policy of ‘multiculturalism’ and Mass Immigration because it benefits Jews within Western nations…They do it because they feel ‘safer’ in a population that is racially and culturally mixed, because homogeneous European nations had identified Jews as a corrosive force and had kicked them out…To sum up, the scores of millions of Muslims on our continent represent a clear and present danger to our civilisation, this is an undeniable reality that only a fool would attempt to deny.”

Mass Immigration isn’t about Economics or Enrichment, it is about Racial and Cultural Ruination


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