“Rioting had been reported in the city, but German mass media had tried to cover up the extent of the riots, and the reason why they broke out. An anonymous member of the EU’s security organizations criticized how this is being ignored by politicians. ‘Nobody will admit Brussels policy is inherently linked to what happened in Cologne – they will not welcome such a link’ he said. The people in charge of the EU have been trying to ‘diversify’ Europe with all these Arab and African immigrants. For some reason they want to get rid of Europe’s White majority. Everyone has their own ideas as to why they would want to do this, but the one thing we can say conclusively, is that their agenda is in breach of the UN genocide conventions – it is White genocide, and ‘diversity’ or ‘multiculturalism’ are the just code words they use to carry out this agenda.”

Huge riot in German nightclub after 500 immigrants break in and grope women


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