“The orders were simple – do not play to television audiences scenes of large groups of single young males. Concentrate on women and children. Do not provide footage of anything that hints of violence or what may be the makings of violence. Limit the interviews to women, older men or young single men who smile and appear grateful. Avoid filming those in designer clothing with expensive mobile phones as, after all, they are refugees…The attempted cover-ups of the attacks continued and the lady mayor of Cologne set out suggested modes of behaviour – not for the offenders – but for the young ladies of the city. Her suggestions were met with a justified anger, and they were drowned-out by revelations that Cologne was not the only centre to experience degrading behaviour against females by new arrivals into the country. To understand why these offences occurred is to understand the cultural deficiencies that allowed recent ‘refugees’ to behave in this manner. A modern, progressive nation like Germany offers residency, money, housing, education (etc, etc) to others regarded as less fortunate and a significant number of these new arrivals commit inhuman acts against female members of the ‘welcoming’ nation.”

The Great Migration – Confronting the Realities


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