“The lapdog media has admitted that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has forced local news outlets to censor reporting of crimes committed by Muslims in an effort to prevent backlash against her liberal agenda to bring in millions of Muslim refugees. Because of this, media giants including the BBC intentionally left out the word ‘Muslim,’ instead substituting with the purposefully vague description ‘Arab or North African appearance.’…Michelle divulged that the town center is now a “no-go zone,” particularly for women, and that similar areas in Hamburg and Stuttgart are similarly off-limits for non-Muslims and lone females. She warned viewers that because of the high volume of asylum seekers entering her country, police can no longer guarantee the people’s safety…Terrorism is defined as ‘the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.’ It is exactly this that the so-called moderate Muslims are using in the West to persuade non-Muslims to change their customs in order to prevent unwanted outcomes.”

Victims Of 1000-Muslim Gang Rape Drop Bombshell On What Police Are Hiding


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