“One sure fire way to know that this is anti-white agenda, is to understand that it is ONLY white people who are condemned for daring to go against the Genocidal scam being forced upon them. There is no miscegenation propaganda in Africa or Asia, only in nations with a (for the time being) white majority population and this at the same time as having mass non-white immigration being forced upon them. It is clearly an agenda that is targeting white people and is not confined to one nation, but is an agenda seen in EVERY nation in which whites live. Only those who want to prevent white racial consciousness, and who want to prevent whites from producing future generations of whites would have a problem with this. What they really want is for whites to become the minority in our ancestral homelands and one way in which to speed up this Genocidal process is to support miscegenation and mass immigration and to oppose white racial consciousness everywhere.”

Whites Only Dating? That’s ‘Racist’. Interracial Dating? Black Dating? Jewish Dating? All considered to be fine. 


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